Tony Miller

Tony Miller’s passion for the health care system to be designed by consumers comes
from his mother. The matriarch of a blue-collar family, she would often tell physicians
how she wanted all of her children to be treated while referencing her ever-present
Grey’s Anatomy Handbook.

His impatience and irreverence with the status quo led him to co-found Definity Health
in the late 1990’s. He pioneered consumer-driven health care because he passionately
believes that changing the financing of health care holds the key to redesigning our
broken system. After Definity was sold to UnitedHealth Group in 2004, Tony went on to
found and lead Lemhi Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to starting, and
growing disruptive businesses to redesign health care. As part of Lemhi, he launched—a novel way to connect a consumer’s pocketbook to their provider choices.
Carol’s consumer website allowed people to shop and compare providers on a “care

While both companies were successfully launched, proven and sold, Tony’s quest to
truly solve our health system’s core problem was not complete. In 2016, he decided to
throw out the traditional health plan model and rebuild it on an entirely novel financing
system. Imagine having health care coverage for the way we actually use the health
care system (not some health policy fantasy). Imagine having all of the treatment
options and provider choices built upon your health conditions. Imagine health
insurance that’s simple and available “on demand”. It’s finally here. With Bind, OnDemand
Health Insurance, Tony and his team promise to truly change the way health
insurance works.